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Kyocera Revolution Series 5.5” Santoku Knife and Horizontal Y Peeler Set

Kyocera Revolution Series 5.5” Santoku Knife and Horizontal Y Peeler Set




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Kyocera’s ceramic knives are preferred by professional chefs and home cooks worldwide. These knives are extremely lightweight and perfectly balanced, making them exceptionally comfortable to use, even for lengthy, repetitive cutting tasks.  Their beautifully ground, razor-sharp blades enable precision and easy chopping. Their advanced Zirconia Z206 ceramic blades offer superior edge retention, holding their edge up to 10 times longer than other professional cutlery, including the typical steel blade. The knives are made with ergonomic handles, to produce a well-balanced, highly controlled grip. These ceramic knives won’t brown foods or transfer a metallic taste or smell, so your creations will always look and taste fresh. This material is impervious to acids, oils and salts, for rust-free blades that will look as good as new after many years of use.  Since ceramic does not absorb any food element, the knives just require a quick rinse and wipe with a kitchen towel, for easy cleaning. Ceramic knives are intended to compliment, not replace, your other cutlery. Steel knives are most suitable for carving, prying, boning, cutting frozen foods, and slicing cheese. But, for slicing fruits, vegetables and boneless meats; a Kyocera advanced ceramic knife is the best way to go! Kyocera’s Revolution Series offer deeper, ultra-sharp ceramic, blades for greater knuckle clearance. This 2-Piece Set features Kyocera’s most popular style knife, together with an ergonomically designed peeler. This set includes a Revolution Series 5.5” Santoku Knife and a Horizontal Y Peeler. The all-purpose 5.5" Santoku Knife has a deeper blade that is ideal for slicing, dicing and mincing. The Y Peeler boasts an ultra sharp ceramic blade that glides through foods, only peeling the needed amount and nothing more. This is the perfect pair for any home cook.

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